For any warranty-related claims, please contact the authorized contractor or organization responsible for the sale/installation of your RGF system. As a reminder, RGF STRONGLY RECOMMENDS any installation, maintenance, servicing or parts replacement be performed by an authorized, licensed professional. Products that are purchased from anyone other than RGF Environmental Group, Inc. or its authorized distributors or contractors, for example, from non-authorized third party resellers through online sites such as Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, or any other eCommerce site are not covered by any RGF warranty.

Indoor comfort in your home is about more than just adjusting the temperature on the thermostat.

Many homeowners overlook the need for necessary components and systems that can cleanse and improve the indoor air you breathe. Indoor air quality products and systems are quite frequently treated as accessories.

We define them as indoor air essentials

Air purification is needed to remedy common home air quality issues and sick building syndrome, such as:

 - Allergens

 - Bacteria, viruses & germs

 - Mold

-  Humidity imbalances

 - Odors

-  Air pollutants

-  VOCs

-  Smoke

Consider installing an air cleaner with deep-pleated media filter at the time of your system's installation. A deep-pleated filter with a MERV rating of 8 (minimum) will often provide better filtration to protect equipment and the air distribution system than a standard 1" filter and often has lower static pressure loss than a 1" filter. Also a deep-pleated filter will typically require less frequent replacement intervals. Avoid using highly restrictive 1" filters which produce static pressure loss greater than .25" W.C. The installation of a centrally installed air cleaner cabinet or a return duct filter installation may offer more practicality.

Clean Comfort™ brand MERV 11 air cleaners have 5¼” media filters and are available in the following configurations.

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