Air Conditioning Installation, Service and Repair in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston Parishes

The most popular call we received lately has been "my power bill was so high! Is there anything we can do to lower it?"  Since your AC system constitutes about 45% of your energy bill, it is important for your budget to address any AC issues that could impact its efficiency.  It is better to spend a little now to fix your AC issues and then save a lot of $$$ later!  Air conditioners must be serviced at least annually.  Just because your AC is running, it doesn't mean it is running well.  Other than replacing your filters on a regular basis, we recommend having Team Poteete:

  • Clean condensing coils to remove dust and grass clippings;
  • Clear bacteria blockages in condensate drains;
  • Clean evaporator coils to remove dust that bypassed filter;
  • Confirm capacitors are giving the correct power to the blower and condensing motors;
  • Verify your fan motors are running at the correct RPM's;
  • Check contactors for pittage and crazy ants;
  • Check ductwork for missing insulation, blocked dampers or loose, kinked or crushed spots;
  • Check for air leaks in duct system as you don't want to air condition your attic!
  • Verify your electric heat strips are NOT running with your AC due to improper wiring;
  • Check refrigerant pressures as you should never have to add refrigerant to a system; if you do, it is leaking from somewhere, which is bad for the environment, your system and your wallet! 

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