MISSION STATEMENT:   Satisfy clients' residential and commercial HVAC needs with their budget, safety and comfort in mind, utilizing energy efficient equipment, honesty, professional conduct, and industry enforced codes.

Team  Poteete  Mechanical  LLC

Honestly, we know not every one thinks about their AC system, that is, until something goes wrong.  When it is not maintaining temperature, or it is making a loud noise, or even worse, when it is not running at all, Team Poteete is here to help with your budget, safety and comfort in mind.  We will offer all options available to you for your consideration, and if the need might outweigh the wallet, we offer residential financing too for:

  • Repairs on Demand (When over 90*F or under 35*F)
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually Preventive Maintenance Visits with PMA
  • Sales and installation of new or replacement units
  • Sales and installation of system accessories, such as:

                 -  Surge Protectors         -  Air Purifiers

                 -  Dehumidifiers             -  Media Filters

                 -  WiFi Thermostats       -  UV Lights

  • Duct sealing , adjustments or replacements
  • Air Balancing

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Air Conditioning Installation, Service and Repair in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston Parishes



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