Whereas other companies were moving operations to other countries which could impact availability and quality of equipment for our clients, Daikin was the only company we found moving INTO the USA.  By investing $500 million dollars (with no public funding), along with their amazing engineering, quality controls, and manufacturing technology, they brought 5,000+ jobs for American factory workers, and their ambition to build the amazing Daikin Texas Technology Park (northwest of Houston) in Waller, Texas, which is the WORLD's largest tilt-up concrete building.  Currently with 4.1 million square feet under the roof, creating a 2-mile walk around the plant while touching the building, this plant comes in only second to Boeing for largest North American manufacturing plant in total square footage, but future expansions will no doubt take Daikin into the lead.   The Daikin Texas Technology Park allows Daikin to consolidate manufacturing, engineering, logistics, marketing and sales for Goodman®, Amana® and Daikin brand unitary heating and air conditioning products in one location.  The facility is designed to better serve customers, employees and the environment.  The facility is designed from the ground up to encourage collaboration and innovation.  With engineering and manufacturing in one location, product innovations can quickly be tested and implemented into manufacturing processes.  Closer collaboration between manufacturing and logistics allows for quick and efficient delivery of needed products to better meet customer needs.  The Texas Technology Park is also designed with the environment in mind.  It includes an energy management system, a brilliant white roof to reflect the Texas heat and energy efficient LED light produces improved illumination.  Office interiors are LEED certified and the flood control retention pond is also used for landscape irrigation.  

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As an innovation leader, Daikin is laying the foundation for next generation technology with multiple cutting-edge core technologies. They have the ability to more effectively produce, transfer and control hot and cold air.  These technologies are what they focus on building into their products on a regular basis. In fact, as of May 2014, Forbes Magazine recognized Daikin as an innovation leader, putting Daikin on its list of the 100 Most Innovative companies in the world.

Source: Forbes Magazine, May 2014

In 2015, Team Poteete was looking for a new air conditioning manufacturing partner.  We researched all the major brands, taking into consideration several main issues for our clients' comfort and our quality demands: 


          1.  Reliability and reputation of equipment;

          2.  Types of equipment available;

          3.  Length of equipment warranties;

          4.  Distance, quantity and quality of local distributors;

          5.  Location of factories;

          6.  Owner of company and how long have they owned the company;

          7.  Future direction of the company. 

We found the correct answer to all of our questions was Daikin.

While other companies have been traded multiple times by large conglomerates, Daikin

has been a steady single family-owned company since 1924.   Many major air condition

manufacturers also fabricate other commodities, such as home security items,  which we

declined to sell with their AC equipment since they have nothing to do with AC, but we

were happy to find Daikin only owns and manufacturers air conditioning equipment,

air filtration, and refrigerant.   AC - that is all they do and they do it well!  

With Daikin's acquisitions of Texas's Goodman Manufacturing, which includes the Amana brand, and of Minnesota's McQuay commercial-applied equipment added to their already impressive sales in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, Daikin became the WORLD'S largest air conditioning company.   We believe that technology will drive the future of the HVAC business and the Daikin brand has that technology.  Daikin is redefining home comfort in North America with some of the most technologically and aesthetically advanced solutions.  These intelligent, energy efficient systems provide an unprecedented level of individual comfort and control.  One of Daikin’s advantages is that they produce both ducted and ductless air conditioning and heating systems.  For homeowners in North America, this means that Daikin can provide solutions for individual room needs, as well as whole house solutions.  For commercial businesses, Daikin can offer a full range of products from traditional roof top units and chillers to more advanced technology, such as variable refrigerant volume.  Regardless of the need, Daikin has a product designed to serve a very large number of installations.

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